Trump’s Strategy

Nov 22, 2017

To the Editor:

Donald Trump, braggadocio, cocky and perhaps the greatest self-promoter ever – is that a bad thing? Hardly. Look where it has gotten him. If you can’t promote yourself, who will? The globalists in the media, the opposition party and even some within his own attack him daily, many times at his own behest, all part of a grand strategy. America first, patriotism and nationalism have been his credo to make America great again. To his critics’ dismay, it has worked exceptionally well.

This should be a lesson for the younger generation. A college education is no guarantee of success. It is merely a ticket in the door of the business world. Self-education is key and every bit as important as paid education. When you’re good at something you tend to do more of it. This forte can make you indispensable at your job, the basis for better pay or moving up to even higher success.

President Trump is trying to bolster American self-esteem by promoting American worldwide strength and by bringing back jobs through fair trade practices. Globalists, the media and the education cartel have been preaching American guilt for too many years in their efforts beat down national pride while promoting a globalist agenda. Notwithstanding past vices and some failures along the way, Trump’s work ethic and zeal are unequaled. Ask yourself, who’s better than me? Your answer: nobody.

James Spickard

Little Egg Harbor


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