Tuckerton Budget Raises Tax Rate 3.3 Cents

Apr 04, 2018

Tuckerton introduced a $4.6 million budget that raises the tax rate 3.3 cents to .71 cents per $100 of assessed value. That translates to an additional $76.83 in property taxes annually on an average property assessed at $215,882.

Chief Financial Officer Garret Loesch said the increase was partially because of rising healthcare costs, a $30,000 bill this year for the required property reassessment and tax appeals that have to be defended in court plus other factors.

“It’s really difficult to pin it on one thing,” said Loesch during the April 2 borough municipal meeting. “This budget maintains all services with no drastic cuts to services or staff.”

The 2018-19 FY budget contains $380,000 less in the line item for surplus than the previous year’s budget and $245,796 less for debt service but includes $141,470 more in the reserve for uncollected taxes.

Last year’s budget also anticipated spending $795,101 more in operations outside caps.

Council members were pleased, however, that the water and sewer rates for 2018-19 fiscal year will remain the same despite many upgrades to the system in Tuckerton Beach that are being funded through low-cost government loans.

The water sewer department budget is $2.4 million.

“We worked hard to keep the water and sewer rate the same,” said Mayor Sue Marshall.

The borough also introduced an ordinance that allows it to raise the budget cap bank from 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent and adopted a resolution to defer paying the $2.9 million school tax until June 30. The fiscal year calendar ends on June 30.

The public hearing on the budget and its adoption is scheduled for May 7 at 7 p.m. during the regular council meeting. Copies of the budget are available in the borough clerk’s office.

The uneven and unsafe sidewalks on the west side of Marine Street will be replaced using the funds from the Community Development Block Grant the borough received this year. The lowest responsible bid of $25,713 was awarded to Earle Asphalt Co.

The borough also introduced an ordinance re-appropriating unused funds of $115,400 to pay for trash bins for the public works yard.

Deputy Mayor Sam Colangelo said the public works yard is now open on Sundays through the fall. The high winds of the last few nor’easters and the heavy snow has resulted in a great deal of tree damage, noted Colangelo, and the borough public workers are working hard to pick up all the brush and asked people to be patient.

Committeewoman Doris Mathisen said the borough hall work is continuing as scheduled by Kavi Construction and as soon as the weather breaks, the improvements to South Green Street Park will continue. The borough approved spending $11,615 for recording equipment for the combined courtroom and council room in the new borough hall.

Through a shared services agreement, the Tuckerton Volunteer Fire Co. will continue to lend Bass River Township a fire engine while theirs is being repaired.

The borough also adopted a shared services agreement with Beach Haven for public works equipment.

There were 318 calls for police service in March, according to the police report, and there were 33 arrests. The police made 234 motor vehicle stops that resulted in 99 summonses. There were 13 reported accidents and 25 medical calls. The police also made 27 suspicious persons checks.

— Pat Johnson








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