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Tuckerton Elementary Students Create Medicine Drop Box Posters

Oct 07, 2016
Photo by: Pat Johnson Tuckerton Elementary School students created a triptych to promote awareness of the Prescription Drop Box available at the Tuckerton police station.

Tuckerton Elementary School students learned about the risks to health and the environment that may be lurking in their family’s medicine cabinet and were empowered to create three poster-sized paintings that are currently on view at the Tuckerton Borough Municipal Building. The triptych of brightly colored characters and drawings hangs above the Prescription Medicine Drop Box, a recycled mailbox, in the hall outside the Tuckerton Police Department.

Tuckerton/Eagleswood Municipal Alliance Coordinator Lisa Lucariello started the project to educate students and their families on the risk of leaving outdated or unused prescription medicines lying around. “We discussed what a prescription drug is and what they are used for and what the ramifications are of disposing unused prescription medication in the trash or flushing it down the toilet,” said Lucariello. “We also talked about bringing the prescribed medications to the Tuckerton police station to the drop box so they may be disposed of properly.

“After these discussions we created a triptych painting to get our message out there to the public. The first painting depicts a happy and a healthy self, the second is about saving the environment by disposing medication properly, and the third consists of how, when and where to dispose of the medication.”

There is no charge to dispose of the medicine; medicines can be left in their original containers, and patient information can be torn off or redacted by crossing out in pen.

Disposing of the medicines in this way can keep them out of the hands of those who might abuse them and also out of the sewer system, where they cannot be removed from wastewater and may wind up in our bay. —P.J.

The prescription drop box, a recycled mailbox, in Tuckerton Borough hall is for residents to drop off out of date or unused portions of prescription drugs so they can be disposed of safely. (Photo by: Pat Johnson )
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