Tuckerton Police Station Ruined By Superstorm Sandy Is Demolished

Jun 28, 2017
Photo by: Pat Johnson Tuckerton's former police station on South Green Street is finally demolished.

The Tuckerton borough police station on South Green Street, which was ravaged by Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and was proposed as a demonstration for a geomembrane protective flood barrier in 2015, is finally being demolished by the FROG people.

In 2015, Richard McManus, Brian Preski and Heath Dumack proposed that the borough allow them to use the building for their Flood Relief on Guard, or FROG, system. The company, based in Bristol, Pa., had invented a system of surrounding flood-prone buildings with a waterproof membrane that would go up and down from the ground like a window shade. They asked Tuckerton to allow them to demonstrate it on the derelict police station, and in return they would demolish the building at no cost to the borough.

The mayor and council agreed it was a good deal for the borough and contracts were signed. But there were delays, and according to Tuckerton Borough Clerk Jenny Gleghorn, the company was given a couple of extensions. In 2017, the company decided to scrap the FROG demo in Tuckerton but was still held to the commitment to demolish the building.

“If they didn’t do it, we could go after their bond,” said Gleghorn. “They had until June 1 to decide what they wanted to do, and they started to take it (the police station) down. That’s why it has taken some time – they work on weekends and in the evening.”

Gleghorn said there has been no cost to the borough, the company has pulled all the construction permits necessary, and the work is being inspected. Tuckerton public works used its vacuum truck to mitigate the sewage and water that Sandy had left in the basement. —P.J.

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