Tuckerton Reorganizes With New Mayor Sue Marshall

Michael Santo Appointed to Vacant Council Seat
Jan 07, 2015
Photo by: supplied New Tuckerton Mayor Sue Marshall was sworn in on New Year’s Day. Her husband, former Tuckerton Councilman William Marshall, holds the Bible.

Tuckerton’s new Mayor Sue Marshall took the reins for the first time Monday night and presided over the Jan. 5 reorganization and regular meeting of Tuckerton Borough Council.

But first there was the business of finding a replacement for her vacated council seat. After a brief executive session, the council voted to appoint Tuckerton Beach resident Michael Santo, a member of the Tuckerton Regular Republican Club. Marshall administered the oath of office to Santo, with his wife, Barbara, by his side and then he took his seat on the dais.

During the Mayor’s Forum, Marshall said that since taking office on Jan. 1, she had been in meetings on Friday and most of Monday to get up to speed.

“I wanted to add to my remarks made at my swearing in,” she said, “and thank Mayor (George “Buck”) Evans for his last four years as mayor. He told me that he had chaired every one of our committees, and that is a lot to learn. I publicly wanted to thank him.

“There are lots of changes coming for Tuckerton in 2015,” she continued, “and we are moving forward. The first item is to get everyone recycling in the New Year. When you recycle, you are helping us to reduce taxes and helping yourself by saving money.

“You elected us and we will work with you and build on our communication,” she added.

Councilman John Schwartz explained the use of the municipal electronic sign that currently reads, “Tuckerton Supports Police and Troopers.” It is installed at the intersection of Main and Green streets.

“With everything in the news, and problems across the country, the Borough of Tuckerton is one hundred percent behind the police and state troopers. They do one heck of a job, never knowing what to expect and where a little hesitation could be a problem.”

Schwartz said he had also met with the volunteer fire company and their first responders. He wanted to thank them for their volunteerism.

“This could be a trying year for Tuckerton but we are moving forward and looking good,” he said. “We are not loaded with money but we are loaded with people who know their jobs.”

This year, Schwartz will head the finance committee, with Santo as a second member. Mayor Marshall is the third member of every committee.

Councilwoman Doris Mathisen will chair the administration and regulation committee, with Councilman Jim Edwards as second. Councilman Ryan Short will chair the law and public safety, with Councilman Sam Colangelo as second. Colangelo will chair public works and water utility, with Schwartz as second. Edwards will chair the legislation committee, with Mathisen as second. Santo will chair the public buildings and grounds and community affairs committee, with Short as second.

Schwartz noted that a major emergency repair has been completed on South Green Street. On Dec. 30 a sewer collapse below Kingfisher Road forced the town to cut off potable water for two hours as the repair was completed. But the next morning, a “monster” water valve broke, prompting major repairs and four hours without water on New Year’s Eve day.

“We had to replace the sewer from one manhole to the next, and repair the water line that crossed over it,” said Schwartz. He did not yet have a cost of the emergency repairs.

During the reorganization meeting, Colangelo was appointed council president. Mathisen will serve as the Americans With Disabilities Act compliance coordinator for another year.

James McAndrew was reappointed code enforcement officer and deputy zoning officer, and also the town representative for the Ocean County Community Development Block Grant program, with Colangelo as alternate.

Schwartz was appointed a Class III member of the planning board for one year. He joins the mayor’s appointees, McAndrew and James Bower, for one year; Keith Vreeland for four years; and Wayne Tonnesen, alternate, for two years.

Phil Reed continues as zoning officer and fire inspector. Building inspector is Lawrence Ditzel. Chris Chairo and Mathisen were appointed to the Pride and Celebration Committee for one year, and Dale Parsons Jr., Ed Kent and Mark Salego will serve on the Tuckerton Waterways Commission.

Kevin Quinlan was reappointed as borough attorney. Frank Little was reappointed as township engineer, with Jack Mallon and John Hess serving again as conflict engineers.

Brian Logen of Suplee, Clooney and Company was appointed auditor.

The borough hired Phoenix Advisors LLC to serve as financial advisors.

Ninth District Assemblyman Brian Rumpf, an attorney, was reappointed chief public defender. Steven Zabarsky was rehired as borough prosecutor.

After the two meetings, Santo said he was honored to serve on council. Santo’s previous experience was as a member of the Tuckerton Pride and Celebration Committee for the past 12 years. He said he wanted to do more for the town. Santo has been a fulltime resident of Tuckerton for 12 years and a summer resident since 1981. He is currently retired from his management job at Kraft Foods in Bethlehem, Pa., where he worked 35 years. He and Barbara have two grown children and four grandchildren.

New for 2015, Tuckerton council meetings will be held the first and third Mondays – no longer on Tuesdays, except for meetings moved from Monday holidays. January’s second meeting falls on Dr. Martin Luther King Day and will be moved to Tuesday, Jan. 20; February’s second meeting falls on Presidents’ Day and will be moved to Tuesday, Feb. 17.

— Pat Johnson


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