Tuckerton’s New Unopened Park Hit with Graffiti

Jul 04, 2018
Photo by: Pat Johnson A piece of equipment and a portable restroom at Tuckerton’s South Green Street Park were hit with graffiti even though the park is closed.

Tuckerton Councilman Ron Peterson could not give a definite time for the reopening of the newly refurbished South Green Street Park, but he was angry that a piece of construction equipment and a portable toilet were already vandalized by graffiti.

“The park is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way,” he said. “We’re going to do whatever we can to keep it that way. Some people may be unhappy with that, but we have to protect it.”

Peterson was alluding to fencing and a gate that would close the park at night, and also security cameras.

During the July 2 municipal meeting, the council voted to extend the contract with K&G Marine, the construction company that is completing the park, to Aug. 1. It also extended the contract with Kavi Construction for the Tuckerton Town Hall to Aug. 1.

But Peterson said the park could open sooner, as it is “99 percent completed. There are some minor things such as the electric (hookup) for the bathrooms, and then the electrical inspection must be done before Atlantic City Electric will install the meter. We can’t give an exact date at this time.”

During the public portion of the meeting, Marine Street resident and Independent candidate for council Skip Deckman asked why there have been three extensions for the park and two for the town hall construction. He also stated the council is not as transparent as it could be. “You guys don’t tell us anything about your resolutions. Why can’t you be forthcoming?”

Business Administrator Jenny Gleghorn said the reason the council has to continually vote for the extensions has to do with the source of the money, funds received from the Economic Development Association (town hall) and the Superstorm Sandy Resiliency grant for the park. “They require that we do things this way; otherwise we wouldn’t keep doing extensions.”

Also during the public session, Peter Gioello from the Tuckerton Beach Association said the TBA was holding a picnic and a crab tournament on July 21 and asked if the park would be open for that event.

“I can’t answer that,” said Peterson, but he said if the park was still not open, another venue in town would be found for the event. “One of the big problems is the graffiti. Does anyone here want to see that park vandalized?”

Gioello asked why didn’t the town put security cameras on the park, and Gleghorn said the park doesn’t have any electrical power.

Peterson said he realized it was frustrating for the townspeople who frequent the park to have to wait longer, but he was trying to protect the investment in the park. He also said the restroom trailers were due to arrive in the borough on Tuesday.

When the park and the town hall are completely ready, the mayor and council will hold a ribbon cutting, said Mayor Sue Marshall.

Councilwoman Doris Matheson said the town hall complex at 420 Main St. is almost ready. “We’re waiting on furniture, and we can get the construction office back where they belong.”

The council approved adding an additional $1,041 to the contract for Homestead Fence to fence the public works yard. The original contract for $5,858 was agreed to in August of last year, but the price of steel has gone up since then. When asked why the fence was not erected right away at the bid price, Gleghorn said the funding for the fence was not yet in place due to budgetary constraints. The fence will replace the gap that occurred once the former police station on South Green had been demolished.

The Environmental Commission is hosting another Adopt a Highway cleanup of Route 9 on July 14. Anyone willing to help must watch a short video on safety before the day, said council President Sam Colangelo. He suggested volunteers contact members of the EC. The borough will host the document shredder at the public works yard on South Green Street on July 21. Times are to be announced.

Councilman Mike Santo said the rundown of the free Friday Night Concert series sponsored by Tuckerton’s Pride and Celebrations Committee and the Tuckerton Seaport is on the borough’s events website at tuckertonborough.com. The concerts are held at the Seaport and are from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The first concert features the Basement Musicians on Friday, July 7.

The report from the Tuckerton Volunteer Fire Co. for June showed the department responded to six fire calls and 19 calls for an ambulance. The police report for June showed 297 calls for service,resulting in 44 arrests; there were 195 motor vehicle stops made in the borough, resulting in 98 summonses. Ten motor vehicle accidents occurred in town; police responded to 32 calls for medical assistance and made 44 suspicious person checks.

— Pat Johnson


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