Tweet Spot

Jun 06, 2018
Photo by: Lisa Glover on Twitter

A collection of recent area musings, direct from the Twitterverse.


@Lisa_Glover (Jun 1) Summer is here to stay #longbeachisland


@HCPolice: (Jun 2) Anyone lose a wetsuit on Long Beach Boulevard earlier today in #harveycedars?? Must be able to identify the particulars to claim it. Owner will need it with ocean temps being a chilly 65 degrees today. Currently in our possession #jerseyshore #lbi @HCBeachPatrol @JSHurricaneNews


@LBIWeather (Jun 3) 59 degrees on June 3rd on #LBI... seriously??? We should be on the beach, with a book, waiting for the Good Humor man. Instead we’re inside, listening to the 20 mph wind and thinking about having hot chocolate.


@MichaelJDunlea (Jun 4) Finally got my beach badges. #lbi


@Glennr1809 (Jun 4) Clean up trash and plastic at #LBI #AllianceOfLivingOcean #EarthScience #HowMightWe improve the world for others.

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