Uncaring Critic

May 17, 2017
Courtesy of: Kim Brown Kimmy’s Safe Haven Rescue volunteer Vincent Brown towel dries Storm, a 6-year-old pit bull still available for adoption. Young and adult volunteers care for unwanted and injured animals at the group’s sanctuary.

To the Editor:

In response to Tony Cortese’s letter (“What’s Next?” 4/12), yes, our animal rescue was at the March 23 Little Egg Harbor Township Committee meeting. It was attended by myself, adult volunteers and children from both Frog Pond Elementary and Pinelands Regional High School who also volunteer their time to help our rescue organization at adoption events and caring for unwanted and injured animals at our safe haven sanctuary.

No, Mr. Cortese, you will not have to do community service for accidentally hitting any animal with a car. We were at the meeting trying to get a law passed that says in the event that you hit an animal, you would only be required by law to contact the local police department and notify them of the type of animal that was hit, the location of the animal, and if the animal appears to still be alive. That is all. We are not asking the law to put any financial responsibility on the driver who accidentally hit the animal, only that by notifying the police, the animal could either be treated for injuries or put down so that it would not lie there suffering.

So your comment, “this ridiculous thinking needs to be stopped,” is obviously unfeeling and uncaring, not only for an animal that might be suffering but just as importantly, if the animal was able to get back up and run back into traffic, the potential for a second accident could occur where someone who does care swerves to avoid it, crashes and then we have possible human loss of life. It might be good if you think before you speak.

As for comparing these wonderful, caring, generous children to followers of a cult, and myself as a cult leader, I believe there are more local residents who would say, and have said, what a wonderful job our organization and these great children are doing. As a matter of fact, if you were truly in attendance at the township meeting, the children received a standing ovation for their presentation. So I guess the members of the township committee do not agree with you.

You have in fact never contacted our group in any manner. There are no messages, emails, texts or Facebook correspondence from you. If you have records, feel free to share them.

For you to say that “nasty language” comes out of kindhearted volunteers is actually “shameful” on your behalf. Saying that our organization is “not kind to human beings” would definitely be contradicted by the elderly residents who can no longer care for their animals due to health reasons and have asked us to take in their animals and find them homes. Although these residents are sad that they must give up their animals, they have written us letters thanking us for taking care of their furry loved ones, and for finding them safe, loving homes.

Finally, although it is true that you never contacted our organization, that doesn’t mean our organization has not had interaction with you, Mr. Cortese. Last summer we were called to Osborn Island to help with a large feral cat colony that was growing, and some of the residents asked for our help. The cats were going onto many properties. A wonderful resident said we could set up a sanctuary on their private property once we took the time to trap and spay/neuter the colony to halt the growth of the colony. This would also help keep the cats from going onto neighboring properties as much. We spent hundreds of dollars setting up protective housing for these cats, so that they would not seek refuge elsewhere.

We were notified by a member of the Osborn Island Homeowners Association that he witnessed you trespassing on that private property and removing, “stealing,” the houses that we set up for those animals. When we went to the location to see what had happened, you came out and started taking pictures of my underage children. Since my request that you stop taking pictures of my young children didn’t seem to get through to you, the Little Egg Harbor police were called and Officer Anderson responded. Some of our volunteers were also on site and were witnesses to your photography.

So in conclusion, “What’s Next?” – hopefully no more interaction between our wonderful children and volunteers, and a man who seems to hate animals and children. To use your own words, sir, “concerned citizens be aware” of a man whom witnesses saw trespassing on private property, stealing from abandoned and unwanted animals, and was observed taking photos of underage children.

Kim Brown

Kimmy’s Safe Haven Rescue

Little Egg Harbor

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