Unfortunate Incident 

Sep 13, 2017

To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago a 17-year-old, college-bound girl was driving in Beach Haven. She was observing all the rules of the road, driving the speed limit, no distracted driving, no texting, no cell phone use, etc.

She was stopped by a female Beach Haven police officer. The brake light on her car was out. Normally the driver would be given a warning to fix the light ASAP. Not this time. The officer immediately issued a ticket.

Sadly, the light was not burnt out. The mechanic found a short in the wiring, causing the brake light to work sporadically. The hard-working freshman-to-be now has to use part of her paycheck to pay a ticket that should never have been written.

Driving around Stafford Township, I see many cars with headlights out, turn signals out, brake lights out, etc. Unfortunately, the teenager chose to visit Beach Haven.

Robert Witkowski


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