Ungodly Behavior

Sep 05, 2018

To the Editor:

With the passing of each day it becomes clearer that the White House and Congress leadership are leading us farther away from being a godly nation. Often in the name of politics (or what is politically correct), there are those who refuse to take off their blinders, still trying to defend or justify ungodly behavior. They are unwilling to acknowledge we are being led out of the light, down dark paths we should not go, into the black hole of the abyss, by those who lack integrity, ethics and morals, those who think themselves above the law, not wanting to be held responsible or accountable.

Change can happen if they are willing to do so. If unwilling, then things will not get better, only worse.

Perhaps the time has come that we, as a nation, humbly kneel before God and ask for wisdom, His mercy, forgiveness and intervention while we still can. We cannot afford to fail. There is nothing to be gained by silence – and much to be lost.

Ken Schorr



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