Uninviting Dollar

Aug 08, 2018

To the Editor:

When you come onto the Island most of us turn right on the Boulevard. Many business and shops are attractively decorated and painted. Some have murals, colorful planters and flags to make the business area enticing for seasonal visitors and shoppers.

But then there is the Dollar General in Ship Bottom. Its ugly, brown façade on a corner is very prominent. Is that something we want visitors to see as they come to our Island? Is it something residents want to drive past?

The Dollar Store on the main street in Smithville is also in a high-traffic shopping area, but it is very inviting and nicely decorated, including attractive café lighting. How did Ship Bottom supervisors allow a building with such an ugly exterior? I’m sure with all the money Dollar General makes, it can at least afford some plantation shutters, light fixtures or colorful plants.

Mimi Barbuto

Peahala Park

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