Unjustifiable Raises

Aug 09, 2017

To the Editor:

On behalf of the parents of children who attend the Little Egg Harbor School District, I am outraged about recent school board decisions. In this economy and in light of the cuts already experienced in many of the district’s services and programs, giving the superintendent and administrative staff raises is inappropriate at this time. 

How can the school board justify giving substantial raises to the top employees of the district? Superintendent Melissa McCooley’s starting salary was $135,000. Now it has been raised to $169,689 a year. That is a 22 percent increase. Then the board hired Business Administrator Nicholas Brown at $120,000 a year, not to mention Frog Pond Principal Troy Henderson’s salary going from $115,246 to $118,358.

Please explain to the taxpayers and parents of Little Egg Harbor how you can consider authorizing raises for those individuals when our children do not go on field trips and our classrooms do not have school supplies. The school says that to save the district money, parents now have to go online and retrieve progress reports and report cards.

We taxpayers and parents do not mind paying our fair share of taxes as long as the money goes to our children, not to line the pockets of the highest paid employees of the district. The district is already rationing and cutting back on basic supplies such as paper and toner, cutting teachers from the curriculum, adding extra responsibilities for specialty instructors and eliminating or reducing other student and classroom services and programs. The district can’t afford to provide educational field trips for the students, but Mrs. McCooley’s raise alone is enough to fund all the field trips for many years to come.

As a concerned citizen and parent of a child that attends the district, I ask the board to please reconsider its vote, as it is a burden on the taxpayers and the monies are not going where they should, to the children. 

Michele Shertenlieb  

Little Egg Harbor



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