Unprovoked Attack

Aug 15, 2018

To the Editor:

During an evening walk with his father in Loveladies, my 11-year-old nephew was bitten on the forearm by a black lab.

They would walk every night in the northern direction first and had seen this particular dog before. As they passed each other, the dog leaped up and grabbed his forearm, causing two deep puncture wounds, one top and one bottom, drawing blood from both. As he pulled away, the blood was immediately apparent and so was the disappearance of the dog and its owner. This owner has also been seen walking a golden retriever.

My nephew had to endure many painful rabies shots. Had the owner remained at the scene, this would not have been necessary if the dog’s shots were up to date. But we will never know.

This took place just north of Stott’s Landing on the bay side, early evening. I’d like to believe that it was just a moment of panic on the dog owner’s part for leaving the scene as she did. I’m hoping that this was an aberration, but it’s possible it has happened before.

In any case, be careful walking along the Boulevard north of this street. The incident was unprovoked and instantaneous. Beware.

Ed Hastie

Hanover Township, N.J. 

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