Unqualified Success

Aug 24, 2016

To the Editor:

Thanks to the generous coverage in the July 20 issue, we’re happy to report that the Monarch Breeding Project, started by the Garden Club of LBI this past spring, has been an unqualified success in its first year.

Our aim was not only to provide milkweed, the sole food for monarch larvae, but also to educate the public. After the article in your paper, interest soared with requests for information pouring in from as far as Texas. People have embraced the cause and are planning to start their own backyard breeding stations.

We began with just two, one at Scojo’s in Surf City and one at Beach Haven Library. Next year, we plan to triple that number, possibly provide milkweed to the public and expand our one-page educational handout to a six-page color brochure, a kind of “Everything You Need to Know About Raising Monarchs.”

We’re hoping that in time, monarchs will fill the skies of LBI as they once did, helping to alleviate their worldwide decline. Thank you to all who made this worthwhile project so rewarding.

Judie Alloway

Birds and Wildlife chair

Garden Club of LBI

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