Unrealistic Behavior

May 23, 2018

To the Editor:

I wish to congratulate Scott Dennerlein on his excellent letter published May 9 (“Teachers Have It Good”). I apologize to him for being one SandPaper edition late in expressing my support for his views regarding the out-of-control, unrealistic, entitled behavior of teachers.

Mr. Dennerlein, given the expected “poor us, chest beating” letters in the May 16 edition in response to your letter, please know that many of us 40 hour/week workers, who start out with two weeks’ vacation and contribute to health insurance and 401(k) or 403(b), agree with you.

Having worked in healthcare for 37 years, I seethe in silence as I hear the “dedicated” teachers pray for snow days and plan their trips to Disney World over the annual November teachers’ convention. In contrast, healthcare workers plan how to get to work in inclement weather. That’s dedication, folks: how much you can do as opposed to how much you can get out of.

The outrageous pension structure was well covered in Mr. Dennerlein’s letter. As a taxpayer who funds this politically union-driven system, I say enough. When service ends, I would like to see teachers paid out whatever financial assets they have accumulated and given a party and the cord to taxpayers cut. It’s called joining the rest of us.

An additional factor that does not exist is accountability. The demand for increased wages and respect goes on, yet the other side of the equation is blank. Where are the mandated, frequently scheduled subject matter and teaching skill exams administered by independent firms to assure up-to-date competence? Where is the measured quality control? Please don’t answer “test scores.”

Check out our rankings with other developed countries. You fail in the classroom, as do we all by lacking the resolve to demand as citizen taxpayers the analytics required by other professions.

Christine K. Torello

Cherry Hill, N.J., and Ship Bottom


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