Unremarkable Bridge

Aug 02, 2017

To the Editor:

I am writing to discuss the renovation of the Causeway Bridge. It’s dangerous. There was a multi-car accident on the bridge recently. And the bridge itself is unremarkable.

With the necessity for new infrastructure, why not build something that looks good? LBI is one of the more exclusive vacation destinations on the Jersey Shore. Why not have a bridge that incites excitement and anticipation as one crosses it to their dream week on the amazing gem we know and love?

In Ocean City, the Ninth Street Bridge reconstruction was amazing, with an aesthetically pleasing result. Why did we not build something worthy of our Island? I’m disappointed. I had so looked forward to a gateway that would be an experience for all who crossed it for years to come, but it’s just a newer version of the old, dilapidated one.

What a waste of money and another example of why Trump got elected, because of bad decisions by the people who plan new infrastructure and the fact that no one wants to create anything worthy of this extraordinary country anymore.

Kimberly Scheffer



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