Unsafe Cruising

May 30, 2018

To the Editor:

Last summer I was on the beach and witnessed the lady riding a Kawasaki Mule on the beach (“Suit Filed Over HC Vehicle Ban During Summer,” 5/23). She has problems, no doubt. But she does not have to ride up and down the beach like that. No way is it safe. 

I have some problems, but hers are worse, I am sure. If a person could just ride onto the beach and turn around and stop with care, that would seem fine. But cruising around like she was doing is really asking for an accident in the busy summer. No wonder she was ticketed. 

That being said, what we really need is better plastic access mats onto the beach so people with bad legs or the wheelchair bound can get down near the water. What we have is not enough. The current mats over the dunes are slippery and not safe at all.

Robert Raimo

Harvey Cedars


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