Unsubstantiated Claims

Jun 07, 2017

To the Editor:

In response to “Trees Killed on Conserved Land” (5/31), we have lived on Ocean Boulevard across from the little island of land mentioned in your article for the last nine years. We have watched several trees die and new trees grow in place of them. Several of those trees died after Superstorm Sandy and new ones now are growing in their place. Since Ms. Losiewicz has lived here for almost 20 years she must have turned a blind eye to her neighbors cutting down trees and brush on that island in the past.

We have a new neighbor who apparently didn’t know he could not go over there and cut a tree down and was instructed not to do so, which he adhered to. This island gets lots of trash each month during a mean high tide. If he said he went over to the land to pick up the trash and Ms. Losiewicz is accusing this neighbor of anything more, everyone should expect to lawyer-up as we would never let accusations like that go unanswered. We were very dismayed to read such libelous, unsubstantiated statements in a public newspaper.

The biggest issue we had during the storm were docks, boats and large debris being ripped off of their moorings and being swept away. The direction of the storm in our canal took several docks and boats up the canal in the direction of Ms. Losiewicz’s house and other homes on the canal. Our boat ended up caught on her bulkhead posts on her land. If not for them I am sure it would have also hit her house. Boats and docks were in the backyards of other homes on our canal. The little island across from us did nothing to protect our properties from wind and surges of water. Ms. Losiewicz’s house is sitting on the ground and that is why she and the others sustained so much damage to their homes.

When those trees die and fall, others will replace them. Our canal seems healthy and thriving. We have ducks, fish, turtles, birds and a pair of sea otters living on that island. And of course a beautiful view, which is why we choose to live on Ocean Boulevard. This whole incident has saddened us, but not for Ms. Losiewicz’s reasons.

Ronald and Diane Moule

Little Egg Harbor

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