Unworthy Lawsuit

Aug 30, 2017

To the Editor:

I attended the Little Egg Harbor school board meeting on Aug. 21. There seemed to be a large turnout, due in part to some disagreements among residents concerning the superintendent’s salary increase.

The board provided evidence that her salary was in line with other districts of the same size. She does fall within the state’s guidelines, so I would only object if her salary was increased again through bonuses.

Another issue that caught my attention was the matter of the district’s Facebook page. Notices regarding the district should not be posted on Facebook because not everyone is on Facebook.

Also, there was a problem with people posting what the superintendent deemed as libelous remarks. Unless there are comments threatening physical harm of some sort, I don’t believe you can limit what people post.

I was dismayed to hear the superintendent state that people’s IP addresses were going to be traced and she would file a lawsuit against them. I hope our tax dollars are not going for this lawsuit.

All in all, the meeting went smoothly, although I did notice a police officer there and wondered if that was standard for school board meetings.

Kate Goode

Little Egg Harbor



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