Utterly Dismayed

Jun 07, 2017

To the Editor:

I was utterly dismayed when I heard that the United States, still the greatest country on earth (freedom of speech and religious choice, universal voting rights and access to education, economic opportunity, etc.), is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord.

The principles of this accord are to adopt green energy sources, cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, limit global temperature rise and cooperate with the global community. The reason for the U.S. withdrawal was a negative impact to the economy. All of the largest economies in the world, including China, Russia, Germany and Japan, remain in the Paris Climate Accord, and are not afraid to commit their countries to solving environmental problems. Are these countries so much more confident than the U.S. that they have or will develop the technologies, the human capability and the will to face the negative consequences of unbridled global warming while still maintaining a robust economy?

Where is the gumption, the daring, the “can do” attitude that built America and made it a powerhouse? Why is America not stepping up to be a leader in the global community on the issue of climate change, instead of running away and abdicating its global responsibilities, opening the way for China to take the lead?

The coal industry is center stage when we hear that American jobs are being lost because of government regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions. It is a very difficult situation for families of coal miners losing their jobs, but coal is the past, not the future. Coal is a finite resource that is getting harder to extract and is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, there are 55,000 jobs connected with coal mining and they have been declining each year.

Contrast this to the solar industry, which in 2016 employed 260,000 and the wind industry which employed 88,000, each growing over 20 percent each year. Solar and wind are the future. They are unlimited, do not pollute the atmosphere and will improve with more advanced technologies.

If our federal government will not participate in solving climate issues, I urge all citizens to support their local and state governments to continue to adhere to the principles of the Paris Climate Accord. This is not a political issue. This is a human issue. For the sake of our children, grandchildren and future generations, we must cooperate with the global community to save our planet.

Sandra McDade

Barnegat Light


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