Veteran View on Guns

Mar 21, 2018

To the Editor:

As a Vietnam veteran I have to speak up to say how proud I am of the students at Southern Regional, as well as those across our nation. They aren’t cowards but heroes standing up for the banning of AR-15s. There is no need for these weapons to be in civilian hands; only the military and police should be allowed them.

I’ve heard there are somewhere around one million such guns out there. You can’t use them for hunting, just target shooting. Excuse me, but can’t a regular rifle or handgun be used for target practice? They are a lot cheaper, too. Rounds cost money, oh yes, rounds are bullets.

If a politician takes money it’s a bribe and he or she can go to jail for that. But a donation to their re-election fund by, say, the NRA – that’s legal.

Did you see how The Donald backed down? In the 1930s, I’m told, we had no trouble outlawing the Thompson submachine gun for civilian use. Imagine that.

Al Irvine


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