Veterans Park

Oct 25, 2017

To the Editor:

As we approach Veterans Day on Nov. 11, it is fitting that we all express our gratitude to all veterans, and especially those presently serving in harm’s way. Congratulations to the governing body of Long Beach Township for the development of Veterans Park in the Beach Haven Terrace section of the township. This magnificent park is a tribute to all the veterans who have served in all wars to preserve our way of life.

It is most gratifying to me as a fellow taxpayer that the entire Veterans Park was developed at no cost to the taxpayers of Long Beach Island. The board of commissioners should be commended for its ability to secure a grant for the land and for encouraging local businesses that contributed the necessary materials, talent and labor to complete this lasting memorial to the veterans of our community.

I ask everyone to come and enjoy this beautiful park and reflect on the veterans from every branch of the military who have served in the armed forces, and especially those from Long Beach Township.

Take some time from your busy schedules and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful park. I assure you this will be a very worthwhile and relaxing experience.

I, as well as many other veterans, look forward to seeing you at the park, not only on Veterans Day, but also throughout the coming year.

Remember to fly the flag on Veterans Day and say a prayer for our men and women presently serving, especially those in combat operations. Always keep our police force and first responders in your prayers as they keep us safe here on the Island.

God bless America, and please pray for our disabled veterans.

Jim De Cicco, colonel USMCR retired

Haven Beach

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