Visit Painted Poetry Event at Island Library

Aug 08, 2018
Artwork by: Linda Werner ‘Black Dog in Autumn’ watercolor by Linda Werner was inspired by Laura Maschal’s poem of the same name.

Painted Poetry V, a unique exhibit combining 32 poems with 32 paintings by 16 artists and 16 poets, is now on view at the Island branch of the Ocean County Library in Surf City, through Aug. 31. Meet the artists and poets during a reception on Wednesday, Aug. 15, from 6 to 7 p.m. with a poetry reading and slide show of art to follow.

The poets and artists collaborated on this show. Each original piece of art is complemented by a poem by a different local poet; then each original poem was used as inspiration for another painting. A fine example of this effort is “Black Dog in Autumn” by Laura Maschal.

The dog doesn’t care/ if the world has gone to rust

or whether the last dry leaves/ pinned to brittle branches

are just too stubborn to let go.

She doesn’t notice/ that even the weeds

are wan, seedpod heads/ nodding off, floral house coats

tattered and fading/ in the gray light.

After months of too hot to move,/ she is her own dark fire,

a furnace of banked energy,/ ready to burn, the belle

in full length fur, finally dressed/ for the right ball.

This poem is delightfully illustrated by Linda Werner, and a painting by Werner, “Headed to Grandma’s,” was thoughtfully interpreted by Maschal in “Carry On.”

There is also a full color catalog of all the work available at Amazon. —P.J.

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