Vital Referendum

Sep 20, 2017

To the Editor:

There has been much attention drawn to the school bond referendum that will be put forth to LBI voters on Sept. 26. Unfortunately, much of the conversation has centered around the sale of the Long Beach Island Grade School in Ship Bottom and concerns regarding the future of that property.

While we are empathetic to those concerns, we feel that these conversations have clouded over the most important issue at hand: the future of the LBI Consolidated School District and the welfare of our children. The simple truth of the matter is that the referendum will only impact the children on this island; voting “no” to the referendum will not impede the sale of the LBI School.

The LBI Board of Education has been very forthright regarding the budget, and as of this year, all funds to repair and maintain the school in Ship Bottom are exhausted. There is a temporary permit to occupy the building for this year, but after that, it is anticipated that all children will be moved into the Ethel A Jacobsen building in Surf City. The referendum is vital to the expansion and renovation of this site and the future of our school system.

The cost of these renovations, once the LBI School is sold, is estimated to be less than the price of one or two beach badges per year (citizens are invited to verify that amount via the tax estimator on the school’s webpage).

We are asking, as parents of two district students and deeply invested members of the community, to consider the future of the LBI School District when you vote on Sept. 26. These children love their school, they love their communities and, most of all, they love this island. All they ask is the same from you.

Mary and Bill Haspel

Surf City



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