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Sep 21, 2016

To the Editor:

A lifelong resident of Long Beach Island, I am thrilled to learn that Danielle Hagler, a young woman who I’ve known for over 30 years, is now a candidate running for commissioner of Long Beach Township. In the many years I’ve known Danielle, I have found her to be an intelligent, highly motivated, honest, ethical, successful, kind and an all-around great person.

Danielle has an abundance of experience in leadership and in bringing people together to improve their lives. She is a graduate of Southern Regional, Coastal Carolina University and holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Danielle’s  success in all areas of employment (Hagler’s Marina, several positions in the Fulbright Commission) as well as her community involvement (Coastal Volunteers in Medicine) show that she has the spirit and attitude that it takes to represent the residents of Long Beach Township both impartially and successfully.

Knowing that she is one of very few women to run for the Long Beach Township Board of Commissioners, I couldn’t be more hopeful or excited for my friends and neighbors who live in the township and who have the opportunity to elect Danielle. While we all are aware of the high concentration of women business owners/operators in the township, having Danielle on the board of commissioners will provide an impartial, yet highly experienced voice for the men and women of Long Beach Township.

Danielle and her husband have a vested interest in keeping Long Beach Township a hometown community, one  in which to reside and raise their newborn daughter. Although I reside in Barnegat Light, I take an interest in what is happening in each of the towns of the Island, as one aspect or another will surely impact me. It’s my belief that Danielle Hagler will serve the residents of Long Beach Township well, and that she is the type of person needed to lead the township community in the right direction. I fully support Danielle and her team because they represent what our Island community needs most.

Becky Tarditi

Barnegat Light

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