Vote ... or Else

May 30, 2018

To the Editor:

On June 5, primary election day, we will have the opportunity to exercise our right to vote purchased for us by the women and men who gave their lives to establish our nation and then to preserve that nation and its democratic institutions.

I will vote on June 5 because I’m fed up with the dysfunction that I see in Washington – a dysfunction that is destructive to our great nation that those heroes died for, a nation that has been a beacon to the world for over 200 years.

Whose fault is it? Who is to blame? I place it squarely on those who do not vote, especially those who do not vote in primary elections. When the vast majority of registered voters do not vote, the radical elements of a party take over; they determine who will be the parties’ nominee in the November election. Consequently, that person will be the most radical candidate the party has to offer: those who see compromise as selling out, are consumed by a single issue, who see the other party as the enemy, who make decisions based on party or ideology, who deny facts, etc.

What would happen if a majority of those who are registered actually voted? The vast majority of us are centrist: some leaning to the right, some leaning to the left, but always in the center of the political spectrum. I believe our candidates would also be centrists: those who are willing to compromise, who don’t see members of the other party as enemies, who base their decisions on facts and what’s good for their constituents, not on party or ideology, etc.

Don’t know who’s running? Here they are:

In the 2nd Congressional District, Democrats running are William Cunningham, Nate Kleinman, Jeff Van Drew and Tanzie Youngblood. Republicans are Sam Fiocchi, Brian Fitzherbert, Seth Grossman and Hirsh Singh.

In the 3rd Congressional District Democrat Andy Kim and Republican Tom McArthur are running.

Running for Senate are Democrats Lisa McCormick and Bob Menendez and Republicans Brian Goldberg and Bob Hugin.

The easiest way to get information on candidates is to type in their names and the office they’re running for on your browser. This will bring you to several informational websites and that of the candidate’s campaign.

I urge all registered voters to vote on June 5 to preserve our great nation and the democratic institutions our forbearers fought and died for, and to purge our Congress of the dysfunction that has consumed it and is destroying our democratic way of life.

Paul Muller

Harvey Cedars

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