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Just Wax It! … Or Just Drop in and Say Hi
May 16, 2018
Photo by: Jack Reynolds Nicole Fischer-Aronowitz, owner of Just Wax It.

Five years ago, Nicole Fischer-Aronowitz had a dream about her new business. She woke up, grabbed a piece of construction paper, flipped it sideways and drew exactly what she’d seen. To this day, she still keeps a photo of the drawing handy, maybe as a reminder of her hard work, maybe as a testament to the possibility of dreams and the power of ambition.

The picture she keeps so handy is a small, crude sketch of a one-story building resembling a tiny house or a shed. The shingles are colored bubble-gum pink, and a black, swirling pattern snakes its way up the facade just to the right of the entrance. Weeks later she would replicate this vision and manifest her sketch into her livelihood: “Just Wax It,” a unisex hair removal salon.

Aronowitz, 47, found the building for Just Wax It by chance. She had been driving along Route 9 when she passed a small, nearly dilapidated bait and tackle shop in West Creek. There was a “For Rent” sign in the window, and something in her brain said, “This is it. This is the building I’ve been looking for.” She turned her car around, pulled into the lot, peered in through the window and made a call. With some paint, remodeling and a little help from her brother, she turned an empty old building into her very own pink, professional sanctuary. She was finally going to open her own wax salon.

“I had one guy think this was a car wax place,” Aronowitz said, referring to the “Just Wax It” signage beside the busy highway. But after stepping inside the small, cozy space, there is no mistaking Just Wax It for a car wash.

Aronowitz sat on one of two leather recliners in the small waiting area. She wore a gray tank top and jeans. Her hair was cropped short and styled into an edgy swoop. She had donned a bold lipstick and her eyebrows were just about as close to perfection as eyebrows can get. Maybe it’s the cheerful pink paint, maybe it’s the owner’s earnest, bright aura enveloping the entire building like an aroma, or maybe it’s actually just the incense burning – but the shop is welcoming and soothing, emanating the spirituality of a yoga studio and the intrigue of a distant relative’s eclectic living room.

The interior decor doesn’t quite fit the feminine, dollhouse-like exterior. The walls are painted beige. A red Chinese paper lantern hangs in one corner of the room. Shiny, wooden Buddha statues stand on antique floral cabinets and dressers. Crimson satin pillows and oriental rugs accent leather armchairs and an old-fashioned cream couch. Chinese tapestries and paper fans adorn the walls.

“I wanted it to be something that wasn’t too girly. I do have a lot of men that come in here,” Aronowitz said of the zen-like interior. She wasn’t wrong. The trinkets were an intentional departure from the loud pink exterior.

What’s most notable about Aronowitz’s business is not its aesthetic, though, but its loyal male patronage. The owner reported that she has as many male customers as she has females. Just Wax It is one of the only businesses within a 40-mile radius that not only offers waxing as its exclusive service, but also specializes in waxing for men.

“A Brazilian wax is everything front to back. Some salons won’t do Brazilians on men. Most of those salons will send them to me,” she said. Aronowitz takes her work very seriously, so much so that she believes waxing for men should require a separate certification for beauty professionals, which it currently doesn’t.

As a licensed professional for 19 years now, Aronowitz is something of a hair removal expert. The cosmetologist can do anything from eyebrows to nose hair. Backs to bikini lines. Ears to legs. Manscaping, a term used to define the removal of extraneous male hair, has become increasingly mainstream in recent years. Statista, a consumer data generator, reported that by 2024, the male grooming market is expected to be worth over $29 billion. Salons in cities have begun to capitalize on this trend, charging men upward of $125 for a below-the-belt wax. Others will charge different rates for men and women, since men require a bit more time and resources. Conversely, Just Wax It charges a flat rate of $65 for both genders.

Affordability at Just Wax It doesn’t end with Brazilians. Lip waxes cost just $5 and eyebrows are $10. Aronowitz doles out “buy 10 get one free” reward cards, offers frequent specials, and hosts a cancer survivor month in which survivors can claim a free eyebrow wax. Aronowitz isn’t in it for the money. She simply enjoys her trade and the community she operates within. “I love what I do,” she said. “I wish I could teach it.”

The Manahawkin resident champions waxing over alternative hair removal methods for a multitude of reasons. Bikini, back and Brazilian waxes typically last four to six weeks, while armpits last three. The hair grows back thinner and more slowly. The results are smoother, and unlike with razors, there is little to no risk of infection or rashes. She even uses a top-of-the-line antibacterial and antimicrobial wax and provides free aftercare packets of lotion to soothe and clean treated areas.

As the sole employee of Just Wax It, Aronowitz lives and breathes the beauty industry. Her primary goal is to provide comfort and empowerment to both women and men. A self-proclaimed “people pleaser,” Aronowitz just wants people to feel good about themselves and the skin they’re in.

“I’m blessed,” she said, on the verge of tears. “Every person that comes through my door is awesome. People will just drop by for a cup of coffee even if they’re not getting waxed.”

Considering her easy ability to make people happy, to make people laugh, it’s not hard to understand how she converts her walk-ins into regulars, her passersby, who simply park in the lot to peek inside the charming building, into fast friends.

Just Wax It is located at 381 Route 9. To make an appointment, call 609-713-4733. Visit justwaxit1.com for more information.

— Sarah Hodgson

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