What’s It All About? Respecting Life

Oct 12, 2016

To the Editor:

I would like to compliment Dotty Cronan for her well-rendered account of the film “Alfie.” The song “What’s It All About, Alfie?” sets the tone for her column (“Election Choices ’16: What’s It All About, Alfie?” 10/5).

Dotty Cronan is caught in the dilemma of choosing a candidate for the presidency. In her final remarks she examines the killing of the unborn and youths dying due to lack of gun control. These two issues are critical components of her decisive vote.

I believe the Democratic Party has made an emphatic stand to protect the rights of women. Yes, it is the right of women to have an abortion throughout pregnancy, even in late-term pregnancies. This barbaric procedure is called partial birth abortion. This right is being fought for in the party. Furthermore, having this procedure is a “woman’s right” and therefore, this abortion and all medical expenses entailed should be paid for by the taxpayers, as abortion is now an accepted law of the land.

If protection of women’s rights is a battle cry of the party, why is it that the great champion of the party has received huge sums of money from nations around the world that suppress the rights of women? Young girls are forced into unwanted marriages. Young girls grow up in a culture that restricts their education and “rights of women” are nonexistent. They are considered property of their husbands. As such, husbands may punish their wives as they see fit.

Ms. Cronan, you present the issue of gun control as something not wanted by the Republican Party. I am not aware of anyone advocating that illegal guns be on the street. There are laws on the books that are not being strictly enforced, as they should be. I feel safer knowing that those who carry a gun legally in protection of me and my liberties are out there in harm’s way doing an often thankless job. I am deeply grateful for their service and bravery. Those in the military and in local law enforcement agencies are there to protect and defend us and they are on the front line, that thin line which separates order from chaos.

People kill people; guns are weapons. Do you remember the people of France who were killed by a terrorist barreling through the crowd in a truck? A club, a knife, a saw, a car and many other implements could be used as weapons. This fact must be acknowledged. Anyone determined to harm another will find any such object to complete his or her mission.

Many deaths occur among gangs on the streets and in schools. There is a definite link between youth crime and the lack of parental involvement in their lives. That subject is an essay in itself. Our families are changing and many attitudes are as well. There are those who believe that the government should intervene and take control of settling gang problems.

So many youths come from a home where the father particularly is absent. Young men need the strength and correction from a caring father figure. Respect should be taught in the home early along with guiding a child to learn discipline. There should be accountability for behavior and actions. Responsibility is teaching a child that we must live with the consequences of our actions. There are boundaries and limits we do not cross. This teaching is the job of parents. Schools and churches are there to assist parents, but they are not the parents. Yes, I believe parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children.

I believe there is a distinct difference in the philosophies of both parties. I see the Democratic platform and its philosophy as one embracing death. Abortion on demand is killing babies; mercy killing is condoned as being compassionate. Now we are seeing states allowing the planning and execution of planned death (suicide).

The Affordable Health Care Act was pushed through quickly by our Democratic Party to care for the needs of all. Now many seniors are finding that doctors are not allowing certain procedures or surgeries to be done, as the costs are too prohibitive under this act. The waiting time for services has increased and often alternative procedures are just not offered to many elderly for it seems that their health issues do not rank high in priority. So many drift along without serious medical attention.

I see these issues of sanctity of life as paramount to our society and in the choosing of the direction we want to go. All people should be protected and cared for – the unborn, the growing child, the disabled and the elderly. All should be respected and treated with dignity. A society will be judged by the way it takes care of its people. It is not the beautifully erected buildings, infrastructure and financial foundations that mark a society as great. It is the way its people are treated.

I will be voting for these principles that I think make a life worth living. All social justice begins in the womb and continues on through life until a natural death. I am choosing the party that respects life and does all that it can to make lives better.

J.R. Stott

Barnegat Light

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