What’s My Address?

Feb 08, 2017

To the Editor:

I have tried to get this problem solved before to no avail. It is so frustrating! I feel like I am on “What’s My Line?” but instead it’s “What’s My Address?”

My address is 113 E. New Jersey Ave., Brighton Beach, N.J. 08008.

My address is 113 E. New Jersey Ave., Beach Haven Crest, N.J. 08008.

My address is 113 E. New Jersey Ave., Long Beach Township, N.J. 08008.

My address is 113 E. 85th St., Brighton Beach, N.J. 08008. 

My address is 113 E. 85th St., Beach Haven Crest, N.J. 08008.

My address is 113 E. 85th St., Long Beach Township, N.J. 08008.

The correct answer is: It has been all of them one time or another since 1958!

But guess what? None of them work now on several websites, when applying to bank loans and other businesses’ online contact forms. With cyberspace getting more strict due to past issues with fraudulent addresses and P.O. boxes, my address now is a nightmare more than ever before.  

My bank changes my address to send my statements and credit card bills to another house – 13 East 85th St., Harvey Cedars – at least six times a year. Sometimes I get them, sometime I don’t. I cringe to think about the things that I don’t get. I have changed my credit cards multiple times due to issues I have had with fraudulent charges. None are due to this problem, I think, but they certainly have the potential of a disaster in the making.

I drive to East 85th Street in Harvey Cedars and East New Jersey Avenue in the Terrace to look for packages. Mind you, the streets in Harvey Cedars and in the Terrace don’t have a house the matches mine.

The mailman and UPS driver do a fantastic job getting my mail to me. It is the situation with websites that I can no longer shop from that infuriates me. I am one of many who have this issue due to there being multiple similar street names on this 18-mile-long island. God bless our mail carriers who have to figure out what goes where each day.

I spoke to the people at the Long Beach Township post office. They told me they couldn’t do anything due to the township naming our streets. I went to township and they said talk to the postal service; they deliver mail. When I tried to take it to the next level of the U.S. Postal Service I had to fill out a form on the website. Guess what?! I could not send the info on to them due to the fact my address was not found! I thought my head would explode.

Is there a reason LBI can’t name the streets north to south by different numbers or names only? I think running the streets by numbers would be a great solution to help businesses, homeowners and renters find their way. We could go 1 North and 1 South starting at the bridge or start at one end of the Island and count up. Anything would be an appreciated change.

I run four businesses out of my home. I need my address to work smoothly as it did at the rest of the places I have lived. I’m sure this number is more, but The Wall Street Journal says 51 percent of shopping is done online now and growing.  

So I ask you: What is the next step to get Long Beach Island to address this problem?

Mary Ann Gutchigian

Long Beach Township



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