Where’s the Logic?

Oct 19, 2016

To the Editor:

I am perplexed by Rep. Frank LoBiondo’s plans for his presidential vote in the upcoming election, as reported Oct. 12: “I cannot support and will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States. I will write in Governor Mike Pence for President.”

It’s understandable that Rep. LoBiondo would not want to see his own candidacy dragged down by Mr. Trump, whose name appears directly above his on the ballot. However, the announcement of the withholding of his or her vote by a long-standing member of a political party from a candidate of his or her party can only be regarded as a net gain for the candidate of the other party. It’s a zero sum situation – one wins and the other loses.

Rep. LoBiondo has attempted to mitigate his position in the eyes of the party faithful by stating that he will write in the name of Mr. Trump’s vice presidential running mate. Of course, Gov. Pence (at one time a colleague of Rep. LoBiondo in the U.S. House of Representatives) has completely endorsed Mr. Trump. Where is the logic in Rep. LoBiondo’s position? He wants to have it both ways.

Thomas Waldron

Barnegat Light

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