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Where There’s a Celebration, ‘Let It Be a Party’

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By MARIA SCANDALE | Dec 19, 2018
Photo by: Ryan Morrill STRESS BUSTER: Jasmine Holak, at her new Main Street shop in Manahawkin, is a certified wedding and event planner.

Let It Be a Party is a new storefront at 152 North Main St. in Manahawkin whose name gets right down to business.

“Gone are the days where parents have the time and energy for planning the celebrations around life’s special events,” says a card listing party package options. “This is where we come in.”

Jasmine Holak started as a wedding planner, and that is still a large part of the demand, under the title Let It Be Lovely Events. When she started getting requests for children’s parties, holiday gatherings, baptisms and retirements, she expanded the planning services to these occasions.

Holak, a Barnegat resident originally from Howell, is a certified wedding and event planner. Her job is to ease the stress of the big day. That’s a result of streamlining the design, planning and setup beforehand, and then being there to make sure it all goes on cue.

As she points out of weddings, “There are so many moving pieces. People don’t realize how stressed they will be the week of the wedding, the day of the wedding. We take that stress for them.”

The wedding/event planner spends time with the bride to learn her vision of the perfect day.

“I tell my brides, ‘I will learn your wedding better than you do.’ I want to know what they expect out of their wedding, all their wishes, so we can make sure it happens.”

In the Route 9 (Main Street) shop office, potential customers can discuss how much assistance they need and pick a “package” that fits. Her service can plan from A to Z, including booking the vendors. Or on the other end of the spectrum, she offers coordination closer to the month-of and day-of the wedding.

If people think they can plan their whole wedding themselves, they may realize they will need someone there the day-of, to execute it. That relieves not only the bride, but also her mother, sisters and everyone else involved.

“Because, you know what? Every wedding, something goes wrong,” commented Holak, stating a reality. Expecting the unexpected is a skill she is practiced in.

“If I’m there, most brides won’t know it if something goes wrong,” she said. “But if it does, that’s why we’re there: to manage it.

“We’ve sewed tuxes for groomsmen, we’ve glued shoes together for a groom. You name it, we’ve done it.”

As the point person for vendors, Holak and an assistant (or if the wedding is large, a team of several assistants) are there to handle everything.

“We can come in and set up for them, anything that their vendors may not have set up, and be that extra set of hands, extra set of eyes to manage,” she said.

Every wedding is unique. Holak would want it no other way.

“I may do this every weekend, but this is their one day,” she observed. “That’s how I really like to look at it. How would I want someone treating my wedding day? We truly care about our couples. And I want to see them super happy.”

Getting married at the shore ranges from a beach wedding to an elaborate venue. A beach ceremony may seem simple, but the bride may want to consider that it takes more coordination than meets the eye.

“When you have a beach wedding, there is really no one in charge,” Holak spoke of the alternative. “You need someone to make sure the setup is all done ... And who’s directing your guests? Who’s directing the bridal party? We have headsets – people make fun of us; we look like we’re in the FBI. But for example, you can’t see over the dune, and you don’t want the bridal party peeping over. For things you don’t necessarily think about, you may need that point person.”

Certified by The Bridal Society, Holak took courses through the organization and became certified in planning.

“I have a conference this week, so we’re always trying to stay up to- ate on the trends. And we’re held to higher standards,” she said.

Other Occasions

Planning a Party

The front room of Let It Be a Party displays some of the helpful props and products available for retail purchase by a client or general public. The room can also become a pretty venue for children’s parties right there.

“We’ve done princess parties. We have a relationship with a couple different venues. We will plan their party in their budget, whether it’s at their house, or if they’re looking for a space. Or if it’s super small, we’ll do something here,” Holak outlined. “The other day we had a Mrs. Claus event.”

Several different packages are available.

“We can plan their entire event, because they don’t have the time or the energy and they don’t know where to start,” she said.

The brochure adds, “Let It Be a Party takes care of all your party planning needs for the same price it would cost you to do it on your own, but with way less headache.”

The wedding/event planner said her relationship with vendors can actually save clients money than if they booked the same vendors themselves.

“I don’t up-charge. I have a flat fee, and then any kind of discounts I can get,” she said. “We’re more savvy, I guess you could say, on how to design things, how to get multiple uses out of things, to save them money for one day.”

As a retail store, they offer party decorations and paper goods different than what can be found in chain stores. They do custom banners, tablescapes; they can tie in an entire theme.

Custom balloon designs and deliveries for parties or for business grand openings are other services.

Let It Be a Party is reached by phone at 609-622-2544. Learn more at For weddings, visit

— Maria Scandale

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