Wildlife Need Marsh

Jan 30, 2019

To the Editor:

My family owns a home in Brant Beach. My grandpa told me the township is going to make a parking lot in the marsh on 66th Street. It belongs to the wildlife.

Putting a parking lot in the marshland at the end of the street is a bad idea. It will hurt wildlife and ruin the beauty of Brant Beach. Wildlife needs that marsh. I have seen turtles, ducks, egrets, snails, herons, red winged blackbirds and many interesting plants. I have also seen a fox over there.

In my sixth grade science class we are studying endangered animals. I know that most of the time animals become endangered because humans take over their habitat. There aren’t any other marshes nearby. These animals will be forced to leave their habitat with no other options. It is their ecosystem and should not be destroyed.

In addition, the proposed project will ruin the beauty of Brant Beach. People come to Brant Beach not just to swim in the ocean but to see the wildlife in person. If the township takes away the marsh, no one can enjoy the beauty that is currently available to everyone.

Garrett Herndon, 12

Hillsborough, N.J., and Brant Beach


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