Wonderful and Kind

Dec 12, 2018

To the Editor:

Re: the story about Kimmy’s Safe Haven Rescue, “LEH Township Orders Rescue to Limit Dogs” – I can only tell you how wonderful and caring Kim Brown was to us. We found a stray cat that we tried to get into our home to care for. He was small and very hungry.

Well, one month later he was a she and had five kittens. I called Kim, who immediately came over and took the kittens and the mother to care for them.

Kim had the kittens adopted and took the mother to the vet for us to be fixed and get shots. After six weeks Kim brought the mother cat to our home where she adjusted to our home after a few months.

I can only say what a wonderful and kind thing Kim did for us and how caring she is with all the dogs and cats she rescues. We should all support her.

M. Pierce

Little Egg Harbor


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