Wonderful Park

Jun 28, 2017

To the Editor:

As residents of High Bar Harbor for 37 years, we have enjoyed and appreciated The SandPaper giving us the local news. Your article about the Barnegat Light dog park was timely and informative.

We have had yellow labs for many years and have been going to that dog park for some 12 years. We can’t tell you how much pleasure we, and our dogs, have had from the park. The exercise, fun, friendships, both canine and human, and the camaraderie are wonderful.

We are sorry some park visitors have not been polite when dealing with Barnegat Light employees. We have always found them to be terrific and helpful.

We are at the park every morning after buying coffees and newspapers at the deli and meet a group of some six to eight other dog owners, many from Barnegat Light. We try to be good citizens, quieting our dogs when they bark, cleaning up after our dogs and others who didn’t, picking up debris, filling in holes, taking the trash can to the curb on designated days, etc.

We want to say “thank you,” Barnegat Light, for the dog park, and for letting those nonresidents, like us, use it. We are happy with the new card access system, and the fees are very reasonable for all of the benefits we receive.

John and Diane Danzeisen

High Bar Harbor


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