Words Are Important

Apr 05, 2017

The following responds to a letter from Peter Giannantonio (“It’s Time,” 3/8).

Dear Mr. Giannantonio:

When you say it’s time for Republicans to “push our agendas by any means possible,” what do you actually mean? The U.S. Constitution is our rule of law, so I must believe you mean any means possible allowed by our Constitution.

Words are important. The way people interpret our words is very important, as a misinterpretation may lead to misunderstanding, and eventually violence.

You believe “the left” is using “lies and secret spies” to discredit the Republican win. You do not offer examples of who “the left” is or evidence for these accusations. Again, your words are important.

You then make the statement “It’s time to take off the gloves.” I interpret this (and I may be wrong) as a call to violence. Is that what you mean? Do you want to see violence in the streets? I once visited a Parliament in Papua New Guinea. The representatives began a fistfight. I hurried my students out of the building and offered thanks that my government believed in the rule of law.

Please, Mr. Giannantonio, think before you write. You have every right to voice your opinion. Our Constitution demands it.

Cynthia Inman Graham



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