Work Ethic in Decline

Oct 05, 2016

To the Editor:

During this presidential campaign season, politicians of both parties are playing the old blame game when talking about the less than robust recovery from the late recession. Perhaps the current work force shares in the lackluster performance.

I worked 35 years for a major communications utility company. I put in five-, six- and sometimes seven-day workweeks plus evening hours. Some of my co-workers put in a lot more overtime than I did.

So what do I see today? We can’t even make it through Wednesday morning without celebrating “hump day” (based, incidentally, on the five-day work week that has become passé). Not content with all those Monday holidays, we have made Friday another Saturday, not to mention the early Thursday afternoon workplace bailout. (Anyone still remember T.G.I.F.?) We are heading toward a three-day workweek, particularly in the white-collar community.

I write this little diatribe with tongue-in-cheek, and I know the economy is vastly complex with plenty of blame to go around. But is a work ethic in decline becoming a factor? Shades of “the ants and the grasshopper”? Just a thought.

Robert E. Shriner

Little Egg Harbor

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