Wrong Message

May 31, 2017

To the Editor:

I am writing because of your recent Section 2 cover depicting the president of the United States looking much like a buffoon in Mexican garb. While I appreciate art in its many forms, I would like to remind the artist that regardless of your political position, there is the matter of respect to the office to be considered.

We are all Americans first, either by birth or choice to live here in this great country. Let’s put country first before our political differences.

In years past people came to this country to work hard and to assimilate into the American way of life. It seems that today many who enter our borders want to change us and our way of life. Also, sadly, some who enter want to do America harm. So, after eight years we now have a president who wants to make sure those immigrating to America mean us no harm. Would any one of us let a totally unknown entity possibly with intent to harm us or our family walk right into our homes? I think not.

So this depiction on the cover of your paper of the president in such unflattering way is not totally art if one is to be honest about it. It’s a political point of view that sends the wrong message not only to the youth of our nation but to our enemies as well.

Let’s remember we are Americans first before our political affiliation.

God bless America.

Linda Attanasio

Waretown, N.J.


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