Wrong Name

Jul 11, 2018

To the Editor:

Bob Leifeste recently wrote a glowing letter (“Beautiful Trail,” 7/4) regarding the new Cedar Bonnet Island Environmental Trail, which was opened to the public on June 26. I agree whole-heartedly with the wonderful addition to the Forsythe system of trails for the enjoyment of us nature lovers.

I have long enjoyed the trails on Stafford Avenue (called the Bridge to Nowhere) and have become an active birdwatcher.

However, at the risk of sound curmudgeonly, and as a resident of the real Cedar Bonnet Island, I wish the administrators of Forsythe would have called the trail the Bonnet Island Environmental Trail, as the island where the trail exists is traditionally referred to as Bonnet Island.

Granted it’s confusing. Some maps call it Clear Bonnet, some call it Cedar Bonnet, some identify it as part of the Cedar Bonnet Islands, etc. But the people who live on the actual Cedar Bonnet Island – some with families who have been here since the 1930s –  know this island as Cedar Bonnet and that island as Bonnet Island. The owner of the large and prosperous Bonnet Island Estate also knows what island he located his business on.

Those on their way to LBI barely notice the islands they cross on their way to their vacation destination. There used to be a sign, pre-Sandy, that identified our exit correctly, but most people probably don’t recall. Now there is a new sign that simply says “3rd Street.”

Make no mistake, I am ecstatic that there is a wonderful new place for me to stroll and observe nature. But the residents of our island know where they live and we humbly request that our small beautiful island not be disrespected or renamed because of what seems to be a clerical error.

A. Galligani



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