Wrong Targets

Sep 14, 2016

To the Editor:

We, Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor PBA #295, have been asked to comment on the Sept. 8 township meeting, and the public hearing of Chief Richard Buzby. With respect to same, we were delighted to witness Chief Buzby being cleared of any wrongdoing.

Neither the PBA nor I were provided with any details of the investigations of, or the allegations against, Township Administrator Garrett Loesch and Chief Richard Buzby prior to the meeting. Because I did not have that information, I was uncertain as to whether this was merely a political witch hunt, or if there were legitimate violations that would be revealed at the meeting.

Yet, despite not having that information prior to the meeting, the PBA gave Chief Buzby a public vote of confidence, based on both the deep-felt belief and concern that Chief Buzby was being targeted unfairly and on the fact that Chief Buzby performs his public duties in the Little Egg Harbor Police Department in a professional manner.

After attending the public meeting, however, and discovering that this over-the-top and costly investigation has been over a cellphone reimbursement, as well as learning about the surrounding facts and circumstances disclosed at the meeting, I now believe that this investigation was in retaliation for Chief Buzby and Garrett Loesch exposing Committeemen John Kehm’s and Ray Gormley’s involvement in activities that could be viewed as improper.

To that end, if the surrounding circumstances and statements made at the meeting are, in fact, true, I believe that Ray Gormley and John Kehm should take responsibility for their actions and immediately resign from their public offices. And if they do not resign, I hope that members of the community will gather the required number of signatures and file petitions to have John Kehm and Ray Gormley recalled from their positions in a special election.

A government employee’s only concern should be the faithful and diligent performance of his/her job for the public. They should not have to spend their time and money defending themselves against suspect allegations and a likely political witch hunt led, based upon the facts and circumstances disclosed, by unscrupulous politicians.

Joel E. Mahr, president

Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor PBA #295


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