Yes, We Care

Oct 10, 2018

To the Editor:

I would like to compliment John M. Imperiale’s column in the Commentary section of the Oct. 3 SandPaper (“We were fixated on the Judge While Other Changes Were Afoot”). I particularly liked his comments about the Environmental Protection Agency.

The current federal government seems to think most environmental regulations are bad. True, there are a few regulations that are bad or totally out of date. But the EPA and its regulations have greatly improved our environment.

Look at automobiles on the road today. They generate far less pollution than the cars of the 1960s and ’70s while getting better gas mileage in the process. I remember when the Delaware River smelled like a cesspool. When regulations came out to stop dumping polluting chemicals into the river there were protests by manufacturers that said it would put them out of business. Maybe a few were temporarily hurt, but the overall economy of the area improved and the smell improved and pollution was greatly reduced. There are now parks along the river that would never have been built. 

As to the debate over the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, I realize that there is no proof of him assaulting Professor Ford, and in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. 

What upsets me is he lied to Congress several times under oath and no one cares. It seems that lying is OK in today’s world. The president started his presidency with lies about crowd size, his electoral vote margin being the best since Reagan, proof of election fraud that caused him to lose the popular vote, all which led to the term “alternative facts.” The president met with the prime minister of Canada and later when questioned about a statistic he quoted to the prime minister, our president said, “I made it up.”

As I recall, President Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about having sex.

To answer Mr. Imperiale’s question “Do we care about everything else that is happening to our  country,” yes, some of us do.

Joe O’Neill


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