Young Barnegat Author Publishing Another Series

Oct 12, 2016
Harper A. Brooks

Three years ago, a member of Barnegat High School’s inaugural graduating class found success as an author with the publishing of His Haven. The book was the first of a trilogy of works and for a while was the number one bestseller in the paranormal/historical romance genre.

With such a good response, Harper A. Brooks (a pen name) has announced a new work, The Hunt, which will be part of a series known as “Shifter Origins.” It was recently released by Entangled Publishing, a branch of Macmillan.

“I am thrilled to have contracted with a bigger publisher for this series,” said the 26-year-old author, who wishes to be referred to by her pseudonym. “I have three books planned for sure, but I have thoughts for five total.”

She said each book will follow a different kind of shifter group. For example, she said, The Hunt follows giant cat shifters (tigers, lions, panthers, etc.).

“The next book, The Curse, is about wolf shifters, and the third is about bird shifters,” said Brooks. “The Curse is almost completed; I’m finishing up the final chapters now. My favorite aspect of this series is that each book is inspired by a mixture of different cultures in our world today. The Hunt has African and Indian culture influences. I also created new laws, languages, and traditions for each book – an entirely new yet ancient world.” 

Brooks said in high school, her favorite subjects were English and history. She  graduated from Rowan University with a degree in English and secondary education.  

“I loved writing my own stories,” she said. “I didn’t want to write about mundane things.”

She said her favorite authors are Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte and Anne Rice.

“As a child, I did a lot of reading,” she said. “I thought one day I’d get a lot of those stories I had written and turn them into a book. Harper Brooks was a character I thought of, and then I liked it as a pseudonym.”

— Eric Englund

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