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Young Barnegat Musician David Mulvihill Reaches Personal Milestone

May 18, 2018
David Mulvihill

As a young child, David Mulvihill showed limited language skills.

“He seemed to speak mostly in gibberish,” said his mother, Ellen Mulvihill. “I wound up borrowing a lot of books from the local libraries and read to him, and that improved his speaking ability.”

But the young musician from Barnegat Township, who his mother said has a highly functional form of autism, developed a strong interest in music. He plays guitar, bass guitar, drums and percussion. And last month marked a milestone as he performed in front of a live audience at Breakers Kitchen and Tap in Waretown.

“He’s played guitar and sung at various special events over the years, but this was the first time he performed on his own in a bar or restaurant setting,” said Ellen. “It went so well they invited him to come back. He did 26 songs, some originals, some covers.”

Her son’s return date is Monday, June 18, at 8 p.m.

A graduate of Southern Regional High School, the 24-year-old Mulvihill is certainly no stranger to music fans on line, as he has numerous YouTube clips. Many of them are from performances with Dreamscapes Music Production showcases. These include covers of “Light My Fire,” “Margaritaville” and “Brown Eyed Girl,” among others.

There are also some originals, such as “1964,” whose lyrics reflect a father not caught up with the times.

He likes vinyl records, he likes cassette tapes, he’s obsessed with the Beatles. I admit that my dad is uncool because he’s still preoccupied with 1964.

“I started writing songs when I was 6,” said Mulvihill. “My goal is to one day own a music production company.”

Mulvihill also performed at the recent Touch-A-Truck event in Stafford Township at the Manahawkin Lake Park..

“Hopefully, the more he plays the more gigs he’ll get,” Ellen said. “I’m sure as the weather warms up and then when summer comes, he’ll get a lot of opportunities.”

— Eric Englund


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